Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Its official.

The cats outta the bag, and the new news is old. Filming for In My Neighborhood II is in the works. Hopefully I can get a website up and running soon. Last Thursday was spent driving around Daytona searching for some new untapped spots, which turned up very successful. Three days over the weekend in Miami of filming, dodging the rain was fun, and a late night mini ramp session at the shop yesterday was good times.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Making videos is like making babies

When one person finds out everyone knows. Lurkers blow my shit up. Oh well John rips, he can film 20 more mintues of footage by the time In My Hood II comes out. Hate.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bootlegged Intros.

I didnt do it, but I know who did. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not the brightest.

So 9 weeks from the point in which he broke it, I dont even think he should have his cast off. Blows my mind. The kid had 6 screws and two plates put in his leg. I am no doctor but I doubt that this kid should be doing this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


"for the birds"

Defintily a Don Pendleton influenced piece. Finished it today. It was a shitty scan so I pretty much went over it in photoshop, outlining it and whatnot. although some of the orginal shines thru. Waterpaint on sketch paper.

Without a doubt I am dedicating this to my Grandma and my dog Snoopy who both unforniately passed away eariler today, I love you both. I never forget either of you.

All my homies in Jensen, Ill be down this weekend so lets get our skating on. Come on theny no excuses.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Static III Review

Were to start? No bad music, definitly quality over quanity, Pat Stiener first part, ending with Nate. Josh started it off with a different intro, not to sure how I feel about it, seemed too Fox reality tv showish to me, long lens shots that sped up and slowed down. It was good but to be honest wanst completely feeling it. It was all shot on 16mm so he put a good bit of money into it. Anyways, Pat opened it up with a pretty solid part, he had some eye candy of some spots to say the least. Puleo had a few tricks at the end of his part that flowed into Tony Manfre's part. Tony skated to a badass LL Cool J song. He had a super rad part probably about 2 minutes or so long. After Tony's part was a suprise part from the owner of Hopps Skateboards himself, Jahmal Williams, he skated to a jazzy RJD2 song that by far fit the part. Next up was from a man who had a few trick in our last video, Soy Panday, Soy rips hands down, take the fast feet of Bobby Puleo and add in the manuel and ledge steez of Wenning and you get Soy. He impressed me although a way shorter part than I antipated, only about a minute or so long. Next up if I remember right would have been the Bosten Division. Kevin Coakley had some good stuff, although from his recent interview in Focus, and just knowing what this kid is possible of he must be filming for something else. Not gonna say that it was a bad part, but just figured alot more from the Bosten crew. He had a few wowing tricks though. Next up was the Dirt himself, the other Floridian in the video, Danny Renuad. Danny had a good part, really good actually. But to end it on a trick that you put in a promo was kinda wierd to me. Backtail to fakie was insane but I figured he had something else up his sleeve. He did have some cool tricks tho, the Coral Way flat bar next to the wheel chair ramp he had a good run with a crooks pop out on the rail and then ollied the wheel chair ramp, then he followed that up with a switch bs 5050 on in backside out. Im not gonna ruin the whole part for all of you but it was pretty good, switch crooks to regular at a Orlando spot was nuts, just wait and see thats all I am gonna say, he skated to a cover of that song called Mad World. Olly Todd skating to Elliot Smith was so rad and there was so many good tricks. And to end it on Nate Broussard, forget what he skated to, pretty much forgot the whole part, he had good stuff, but I think that by far Ollie should have had last part. I was still thinking of the stuff Ollie did by the time Nates part ended. Tricks that stuck out from the friends section, Ben Gore, did a crazy ass kickflip down in Lauderdale off the white humps on the beach out into the street. Forrest had a few tricks that were bad ass. Why the fuck Brad Cromer had a trick in the video, I have no clue, fucking go suck a dick Brad. Along with Mr. Im too cool, Anthony Williams. Hopefully you get shot driving thru downtown ATL. To sum it up, the video was rad, amazing skating over all. Nick Jensen had a part in there somewhere that was like a minute thirty or so long. I know a few others had some short parts too. If you want more detail call me. Im off to bed....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

30 is the new 21

Happy Belated Birthday wishes go Teak, if you havent stopped by the shop and told him Happy Bday you should. How time goes so fast. Static 3 premiere tonight YBOR Theatre, downtown Tampa, it will be good. Myspace is wack someone hacked my shit and posted a bunch of random bullentins and did the same thing on my instant messenger thing, so disregard any and all bullshit that comes from that. I guess in the end it was my fault for making my passwords the same as my screen name. Check back tomorrow and get a full STATIC III review, maybe a photo or two also. Until then check out www.bradleycushing.com

I love the sheckler

So someone thinks. Disregard all the bullentins on myspace. Fucking wack.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Just gettin barreled

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two good premieres

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gotta love the Geitz

God I love it. Fan mail. Geitz. Just go to the site and read it. He's expanding his love from photograffiti to us now.


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