Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wack Kid Wednesdays

Well I should probably be writing a term paper right about now, but hell what fun is that, it's Wednesday and its time for a WACK KID WEDNESDAY.

Coming up with new material is getting harder and harder, not really though. So this week I will bring you a wkw that none of you would have ever of guessed. Me.

Why not? I have thrown everyone else under the chopping block, so isn't it my turn to put myself on the stage.

Where do we start.. ok right here. So I write these blogs making fun of anyone and everyone, with no thought to how they affect people. Makes me pretty damn wack right? I've made little girls cry and boyfriends pissed off. I am a true fucking asshole, I don't along with nearly anyone, I dislike just about everything about skateboarding anymore, from the way people push, to the whimsical tricks people do nowadays. I make fun of people and I dont even know what I am talking about, cause I don't wear flannel and slap John on the ass after he lands a trick.

Fuck I really need to get with the times. Oh yeah and by the way that $8,000 camera with the fish bowl on the end of it, damn why did I spend my money on that. It is a complete fucking waste, you know I am not gonna go anywhere in filming skateboarding. I'm just striving to be Josh anyways.

Shit we cant forget about photography skills, shit has anyone seen them lately. My photos look like Little Tykes my first photo. I got a few thousand dollars worth of photography equipment and don't know a damn thing about it, right Mikey? Mazur you can contest to that too, right?

Oh fuck and what about how I look. I am a dumpy motherfucker. Uglier than a cow's ass just after taking a shit. Oh well, thats what they make tons of plastic surgery for right? I'll just put it on the black cards seeing I have soo much money too.

What else what else, oh girls, I have to take them on lavish trips and buy them fancy things to get them to date me. Shit Kanye said it best.. she ain't nothin but a gold digger. Well I gotta get it some how.

And shit has anyone seen my gear that I rock. Fuckin so wack. Habitat camo shorts were like so 3 years ago. Big skate fashion no no.

See and I find it funny to piss people off, cause I find it even funnier that people have to try and prove me wrong, and prove that I am the idiot. This makes anyone that ever agrued with me look real dumb. Just think about how they tried to prove how much better they were then a retard (me). Comment away, but one thing you gotta man up to it put your name on it, I always have.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sinkin' ships ain't easy

Here is the Focus website version of the edit that I did.

You Sunk My Battleship

More to come later.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kinda Wack Kid Wednesday, but not quite.

So its been a while since I have updated. Why not come back with a bang. I think this will probably be post of the year in my books.

The following is one of those things, like putting your dog to sleep, you hate to do, but you have to.

So let me start you off with this.

God where do we start with this? She must have really thought she had me with this one.

Ok, so lets break this down.

"Cahall why do you have to go to Miami and talk shit about me? It's the most bogus bullshit ever."

Well it all depends on how you look at it, I simply saw an ex boyfriend of yours, Manny, who is a friend of mine and all I said to him was that I saw your ex girlfriend the other day, and that I chilled with her. I also said its kinda funny how she is almost following in Danielle's footsteps, considering Danielle dated Sean Conover, and him (Manny). Talking shit not really, just pointing out the facts.

"For one thing I'm not following down Danielle's path or whatever the fuck you think I am doing, BECAUSE I can go and get it with ANY SKATEBOARDER IF I WANTED TO RIGHT NOW. I AM FRIENDS WITH ALOT OF THEM AND I'VE NOT GOTTEN WITH... I'VE GOTTEN WITH MANNY, HAVEN'T HAD SEX WITH MANNY OR DONE ANYTHING WITH MANNY and Manny is still my best friend and I've date Sean."

Ok Ok SO, How far off am I? I don't think very far, lets go down the list here


Sean Conover, Check
Manny Benitez, Check
Went to Tampa Am this year, Check
Add every skater in the newest issue of Transworld, Skateboarder Mag, and any other skateboarding publication, on myspace, Check


Sean Conover, Check
Manny Benitez, Check
Went to Tampa Am this year, Check
Add every skater in the newest issue of Transworld, Skateboarder Mag, and any other skateboarding publication, on myspace, Check

And I really hate putting Danielle out there on this one because it really had nothing to do with her, but it pretty much matches up. At least Danielle had a boyfriend skating in the contest, I guess.

"Sean and me broke up cause I dumped him, If I was so in love with skateboarding or whatever the fuck you think it is wouldn't I still be with him, cause obviously he still keeps coming back, and I'm not Fucking trying to get back with him. And I'm dating someone in Stuart who has nothing to do with skateboarding and he plays guitar."

Nah I think you broke up with Sean cause at that point Danielle had broken up with Manny already so you had to move on down the list. Poor kid. So your dating someone in Stuart? I'd like to know who.. or is just your imaginary boyfriend until Danielle breaks up with Grant?

"So why don't you just shut the fuck up and grow up. You have no reason to talk shit about me cause I've never done shit to you."

What fun is in shutting the fuck up? As far as I am concerned growing up is for people who work 9-5 Monday thru Friday.

Your right you have never done shit to me, let me hit it maybe I'll be nicer.

" And if I wanted... and if I wanted a skateboarder so bad wouldn't I try and get with you cause you have money and shit... so grow up."

Nah, Danielle has to date me first, then you'll come prowling in. And I have money and shit... oh so we got a gold digger on our hands do we?

Well anyways on to the stuff that no one really comes here for.

The Euros got on a plane last night to head back home, to the land of marble ground and benches. It was one hell of a month hanging out with those dudes, good times here are a few photos from the month spent here.

The Van.

According to Marco, there aren't many black folk in Europe, so when we were near MLK he felt the need to document them.

John and Marco, $6 dollar Coronas, and Nixlings as the Euro's called Yinglings after Nix bought 3 twelve packs for them.

Daniell'e, and the two gangster's throwin up their signs.

Lego spot, as the Euro's called it.

The old arena is finally coming down.

This is the spot at the end of the Habitat video that Ed tries to back 50, all knobed up.

Now lets just ahead one week to now. Russ and poppa Brandon came up to skate. It was a very productive weekend to say the least.

Two brothers getting bromantic.

Nix gets his front rock on, while Isabel gets her ass out of the way.

Russ gets his wallie on.

Well that is all I have for you right now. Keep a look out for a post later this week, I am off to North Carolina to film a Red Bull Contest. I will leave you with this little gem that I found.

don't bother asking, i'm not telling.
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