Thursday, June 26, 2008


So now that finals and all my papers are out of the way, I passed my Entertainment Finance class, I can finally get back to things I enjoy doing. Don't ask when the video is gonna be out cause its going to be quite some time. Here is something that may stimulate your visual senses until then.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy writing term papers and studying for exams, here is the last week in review. Mohicans was the illest. Jack won the Undercover Best Trick Contest, John got first in Lord of the Lines, and Mitch got third. Here are some photos to check out.


Illest crew out. Probably one of the drunkest too.

On the road to Mohicans. Psyched Floridian road over with Mitch and I.

Polk City. Home of several skaters appearing in the Mohicans.

Mitch Strongly agrees.

Brandon makes an appearance. Word has it that I am one of few that can get him out of the house.

The whole crew was at the Undercover contest.

Mitch finds some of the weirdest things at random gas stations.

Check back for some more updates later in the week.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last of the real niggas.

Well the time has come, yet another video premiere. Other than the Traffic video which is due out in the next month or so, not too many video to look forward to as of right now. In the spirt of this premiere here is a section of the raw, unsensored version of my interview with all of the Mohicans, that didn't make the magazine for many reasons. Enjoy.

So what’s good Joe?

Dowd: Your living thru a Newports Pink Razor right now.
Joe P: By the way I’m Larry’s Joe now.

What exactly is Last of the Mohicans, I mean it’s obviously a skate video, but it sounds like a Indian Jones movie or something.

Dowd – Last of the Mohicans was a term that Danny (Renaud) kicked around for a while, I forget what hip hop song it was but it said last of the Mohicans, Danny use to say it all the time

Newport- Don’t print that, we’re white people talking

Dowd-Yeah, we’re white by the way. Danny use to say that all the time, and for a while I wasn’t skating, and I would joke about having a come back video and I filmed one trick one day and I was like its for the new video last of the Mohicans, and pretty much it was running joke for a while, then one day Joey was like we could make one last video and call it that. What do you have to say 80’s Joe

80’s Joe- It is a metaphor for the people who we are, the Mohicans

Joe P- What I was gonna say is that it is an analogy for the last of the dying breed

80’s – there will be no feeble grinds on handrails in this video

Joe P- Raw skateboarding as we know it is being pushed more and more underground, which is good,

Newport – I feeble grinded a handrail though, laughs.

80’s Joe – For real no feeble grinds on handrails in this video.

Dowd- there is a lot of bullshit going on in skateboarding, to me and my friends it is more to skateboarding than just who did what and how many stairs and all that typical bullshit. What do you see when you see a pink razor, a born loser, the kid has never won a bet in his life. Sorry, we are finishing off a bottle of

I know you editied a couple of the Westside videos, what are some of the other videos you have worked on?

Joe P- Angel Iguana, it’s a short, about Dango and his iguana,
Dowd- I’m working on a point of view pornography movie on super 8, we’re serious.
Joe P- I did the highgrade video, and I’m gonna be working on the new creation video,
80’s Joe- if the money is right
Joe P- the Mia thing for 411, and you can’t forget my first video, actually the most important one called Straight up Cheeb, that’s not a joke either. The intro was me and my friends with one pant leg rolled up bombing a fake ass hill, this downward slope behind Ross and then we were bombing the hill, and cutting to a plate of cheeb for five seconds

Dowd- it was radsome, that is a combination of radical and awesome.

Are we going to be able to find that on you tube somewhere?

Joe P - No, but it might be an extra in the Mohicans dvd, and oh yeah I worked for fuel tv.
Dowd- He worked with Ryan Sheckler in his earily years when he was still a fetus.

So in “The Good Life” you had a trick or two in there, if I recall right it was Joey “ P MONEY” Perrin, you want to elaborate on that?

Dowd – Joseph Albertin Perrin the 4th, Joseph Albert Perrin the 3rd being a prominent car salesman in Clearwater

Newport – His name is Larry’s Joe dude, that’s final.

Dowd- Larry’s apostrophe S, like Larry owns Joe.

Joe P.- It was a my friend Sed who did the artwork for that, he’s the dude that showed up as Jesus to one of the old Tampa contests, he’s an ill ass dude, I gave him all the names to the montages and he just did it, I have no clue the meaning behind it. I think it was sarcasim cause I am no where near a millionaire.

Dowd- Its rad to see a filmer skate, nowadays there are filmers that don’t even skate, we could name a few, but, yeah I’ve never bet Joey in a game of skate, he’s actually pretty good on a skateboard, he’s going to pull something epic.

80s Joe- He’s gonna feeble grind a handrail.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Whimmy McDonald

Steve made the trip up to O-Town this weekend to get his skate on. Not really much to say about the weekend other than that. Looks like the east coastin' trip should be a go as long as fools can get money. I pretty much have everything in line to leave the 26th and come back the 5th or 6th of July so let see if fools can come thru.

Photo of the Day.


Steve McClintock. Ollie. 2008.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Kinda weird. Look at the highlighted file. Had to export out John's Raw footage today to have a back up of it.

The 561 is obvious, given to anyone who reads the blog, but 8, the number of years the shop's been open. Now thats some Theories of Atlantis shit right there for you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guide to going pro.

This is straight bonkers. John needs to be getting hooked up. Tricks like this make me wonder how this kid hasn't at least gone Am for someone.

John Clayton. Smith Grind Pop Out. 2008.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

smooth like water.


Mitch Teed. Switch Backside to Nose Manuel, to Nollie Bigspin out.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Girl Gone WIld

Not too sure what i think about this.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hey Buddy!

Well the word came back today that Mazur didn't wanna run one of these in the new issue, I am kinda bummed on that.



Mr. Hey Buddy, Andrew Nedimeyer, Backside Tailslider.

If you haven't had a chance to see HEY BUDDY! yet check it out, you can purchase a copy at most Orlando skate shops, or thru Andrew on myspace.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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