Monday, September 29, 2008

And the Nominees Areā€¦

Here at Corn's Closet we are a democracy, we give power to the viewers. Wack Kid Wednesdays start off as a place for me to speak the truth about people, now it just seems as if people think its more of a celebrity roast type of thing. I have people requesting to be on it. Fuck that, you aren't going to be given the free grace to request yourself to be on here. So with that said here are the nominees for this weeks Wack Kid Wednesday.

First up, he will lurk your myspace, and try and sleep with your sister....

Ryan O'Connor

Next up, he is an Undercover officer, he will sell you a board, then two hours later arrest you for using it...

Rob Perkins

And our final nominee, he will shoot your photo, and then never give it to you.

Mike Little

All votes are due by 11:59PM Tuesday. And if anyone is too afraid they might hurt someones feelings, you can post as annoymous on this thread.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend update

Well, the weekend has come and gone. Good times. I'd tell you who I skated with, but according to Scott Q I'd just be name dropping. So oh well. In the mean time does anyone have any clue as to why in the hell over the past ten years our goverment has dropped 583 million dollars into this shit?

Scarry shit. Something that could potentially end the world, and we the USA put that much into it. Now think about that 583 million dollars, you could buy everyone in the world a big mac and a coke for that much money.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wack Kid Wednesdays

Well sorry for the two week glitch. Had to tend to school work instead of the blog.

Well this weeks Wack Kid is by popular demand. I have had many requests for this one. He is a good friend of Reese Forbes. He claims to own the number one skate shop in Vero Beach,(because its the only skate shop in Vero), the shop was seen on MTV's Made.(which probably made prices double) His shop is home to the biggest goon in Florida. The shop was originally supposta be in a mall. His body is a mural for some of the worst tattoos known, I've never seen a world industry wet willy flame boy battle tattoo that resembles a smurf and woodstock until seeing his.

He is a person at one time I can honestly say I liked. Thought was a cool dude, and could skate damn good at one time.

This is someone who goes out of their way to make things harder for other people. Calling up reps bad mouthing them about other shops. This is the same guy who once had Nike, but now is rebelling against them, because he got caught selling kicks on Ebay , and got his account taken away. He shows up at 8am at your local skate park to sell items at cost, just to be a dick to try and put other shops out of business. If you support skateboarding, like your website says "we support and sponsor skateboarding as a way of life" then why the hell would you try and put another skate shop out of business, when they are doing exactly what you are claiming to do? I've never heard of a game of skate sponsored by New Blood, or $500 best trick by New Blood.

Former Team Rider David Perry says " Lewis is wack ".

Enough said? NO.

I think a lot of Lewis's dislike stems back to his childhood growing up in Ft Pierce and surrounding areas. From what I have established through interviews with various skateboarders who grew up with him, he was always the tag along. The kid who no one wanted to be around. He has been known to throw fits at skate parks.

It's always good too if you have so called "select or limited" goods in your shop. Mark them up as high as you possibly can. Remember you can only get these select and limited goods from him. Don't forget their limited edition version of your sisters pants. They have the shop name embroidered across the back of them. And remember we have to show up to the skate park and win the demo. Its never to go for fun, gotta win, and always let your presence be know in every way possible, wheels, boards, shirts, pants, hats, stickers, whatever.

Check back this week for some more updates.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wack Kid Wednesdays

Glad I can piss people off. Hey Steve go fuck yourself how about that? What happened man thought you or one of your boys were going to show up at surf expo and kick my ass? I was there all day Friday at the Focus booth, what happened?

Well anyways this week I was too busy to make a wack kid wednesday. Next week will be golden. Until then enjoy these photos of the homies.
Luis Perez Crooked Grind
Joel Meinholz

Sam Bianchini Front Board Shuvs

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wack Kid Wednesdays

Sorry for the delay folks. I have been tied up doing stuff. This week's wack kid is another fool from the Jups. From Kalis to wanna be Puleo, he has fallen victim to the un orignal trend following fools category.

Two years ago, he was pulling up to spots listening to Guru's Jazzmatazz, now he pulls up listening to your typical Shins or Modest Mouse cd, because that is what is cool now. Sell your fitted hats, wife beaters, and hip hop jeans and dunks or adidas, get your cordorys out and put on our v necks. Can't forget the Van's either. Forget your friends who stay true to how they skate and dress, gotta start skating with kids who look like you now. Trade in the VX1000 and pick up a Twin Lens and start shooting black and white photos, and remember no color, because color means happiness, and you are not happy, you are the scenster of skateboarding now, sad lurks everywhere you look.

You think its alright to make out with another dude, all your new friends are doing it, plus it's so you can see two chicks make out. You go out now looking for spots that you would not have skated two years ago. Spot searching now consists of look for pole jam wallrides, cellar doors, things with roll up doors in the background. Anything that makes your footage look urban. Don't forget, ledges are no longer cool now, unless you are doing the most whimsical thing you can think up of. Lipslide nosegrind, to manuel, whatever it doesn't matter as long as it falls into the whimscal category. No more nollie crooked grinds, you replaced that trick with wallrides and pole jams.

You have replaced O.E. with bottles of Arbor Mist and Miller Highlife. You got a blog spot now to post all your artsy Black and Whites. Can't forgot the mohawk once every few months either. You get pissed off now when you show up to spots and there isn't a curb to ollie up before it. Remember, you have to be able to make a run out of something that could have been a single trick, find that damn curb, even if it means you pushing from Jupiter, to Southern Blvd, Wang don't mind filming it.

Steve McClintock. This weeks Wack Kid. Really hate to do it to you, but can't question the facts.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wack Kid Wednesdays

Wanna thank O'Con for forwarding this one to me. Lets start by saying I actually had someone else lined up for this one, but unfortunately it will have to wait. I am completely flattered that someone has nothing better to do than this.

So how do we start this one off? Most unoriginal, unborn chicken head, american apparel v neck wearing. This is why you qualify for me kicking your ass into the ground, knocking out all your teeth. Look at yourself you fag.

Straight dudes dont rock gear like this or act like this, no matter what.

I know where I come from and my friends, if we were caught rocking gear like that you would get your ass kicked. You don't even rock shit like that to a Halloween party. Hopefully this kid never rides for any legit companies ever again, if he does I will for sure forward these photos to who ever it is. I could honestly write a small book about reason why I dislike this kid, but I leave it at this. I have better things to do.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend. On a random note add Joe Perrin the the injured list with a fractured foot. Get beter soon homie, and buy his video LAST OF THE MOHICANS to help him with his medical bills. Anyways , the past weekend was looking quite dim to start, Ryan Dodge made the trek up early Friday afternoon and we made it out to skate and our session was cut short due to rain, but not without Dodge filming a trick and a run. We planned a trip up to Daytona the next day, we had Russ come up and join us, along with Sam Bianchini and Fred Tan. It was pouring down rain all day Saturday in Orlando but we made the trip anyways with hopes of Daytona being better. Lucky enough it was drying up when we got up there, just in time for us to start skating. Didn't shoot one photo the whole time I was there. Too busy filming the minute and a half of footage theses dudes came up on. Heres a little preview of images.

Probably one of the best weekends in a long time. Tons of skating. Almost got arrested for skating but managed to get out of it. The cop asked what we were doing in "his" city, a small town north of Daytona, and I explained to him that I shoot photos and film for a living, he then asked me for a business card, but I didnt have one on me and he made a smart ass remark. He then told me if I had a way to prove to him that I did this for a living he would let us go scotch free, but if not he was arresting us. Long story short thanks to Fred never cleaning his car out we luckly had a copy of Focus in the car, and I basically can for once say, one for us, zero for the cop. Surpisingly he was a man of his word and let us go.

While on the subject of Focus check out the new issue in shops now. Josh Dowd has a proper Switch Front Crooks on the cover, there is a solid Last of the Mohicans interview with Joey P, and tons of 561 coverage in this issue. Check it out, See you fools Wednesday.
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