Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trips to Stuart and the ER

So Monday start off by originally planing to head to Jacksonville but instead I took the Euros to Ft Pierce to skate the golf course. Then I decieded it would be a good idea to get John for a day to come to Orlando. Thats when the fun started. We stopped at some random gas station in the hood of Ft Pierce and come across this Ergo sticker.

Then we got back to Orlando and called it a night. John and I met up with the Euros after I got out of class and went by Nix's house to pick him up to skate. A good sesh went down at the ramp, photos to come later. We then went by the infamous Puleo spot, where Mr. Poppa Damron ollied up and then backtailed the 3 stair. John wanted to get quick with it and ollie up ollie up the three stair and then ollie the 8 stair, which anyone who has ever been to the spot knows is damn redicilous. So first try John ollie up ollied up again and rode down the three stair. Next try as I'm getting the camera up John ollies up ollied up again the three stair except he clipped the top of the stair and did a complete front flip down the stairs on to the last stair. In the ten year of skating with John I've never seen him in so much pain. We had to head over to the ER where we sat for a good 5 hours. The final verdict is a pretty damn good bump on the head, a brusied ass palm, and a bursied vertibray. John is all good and should hopefully be back on a board in a few weeks. After the ER we sat at Nix's house and drank beer and made fun of people, good times.

Hot nurses and morphine makes John happy.

John and I found this quite funny after sitting in the room for 2 hours with nothing else to do but make fun of stuff.

The special edition Wack Kid Wednesdays unforinately will be pushed back a week due to this. But it will be good, I promise.

Friday, November 21, 2008

On the road again

So came back from ATL on Monday morning around 4 am, and haven't had a chance to update, since I have had a lack of a minute to sit down and update this. Monday was spent in Daytona, Tuesday in Cocco, Wednesday was Tampa, and yesterday was Ocala. Tricks have been going down. here are a few photos, and screen grabs.

Mr. Marco Lambertucci, gets his back 50 warmup on.

Another warm up for him. Nollie Halfcab.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So if I could sum my ATL trip up with one photo and one photo only it would be this.

It was way to damn cold up there. I'll have some updates later on this week. The damn Euro's are in town for a month. Marco Lambertucci, Raul LupiaƱez, and Daniele Galli I'll have some footage or photos to post in a few days from them, they all have been ripping. Next week we will bring back Wack Kid Wednesdays, and we will have special guest editor for it. Keep an eye out for that.

Friday, November 14, 2008

G-14 missions.

Here till Saturday night. Update hopefully coming soon.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Footage Face off Fridays

Start off with the homie John Clayton vs some kid from Baltimore.


Monday, November 03, 2008

October Skies

Well here is somethings that didn't make the cut on this issue, leftovers if you will. Enjoy. New issue should be in shops by the end of the week. Be on the look out for a behind the lens with Daniel Wheatly.

Mr. Bangerang Daniel Wheatly

Bangin' sunsets.

Height comparison. Bert Wooten and Daniel. No, Bert isn't really short, Dan is just really tall.

Mr. Freddy Tan, gap to knock yourself out. Sucks he didn't make this. He got slammed pretty damn hard. His hand looked like someone put it in a trash compactor.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Step back in time.

One of the illest parts.
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