Friday, June 29, 2007

NYC state of mind

nyc state of mind

So my time has come, I am now offically leaving to head up to NY for 10 days. Maybe a stop in ATL to see Russ, a stop by Philly to Mazur at Focus northern headquarters, Richmond Va, to stay with COOF possibly. Not really stressing the plans too much. I will keep everyone updated on the status of my adventure. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Static 3 Trailer

So finally Josh deciede it was time to put up the link for it..

Some real interesting spots in there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pointer Grinds

So we filmed this at the park the other day when I was in town, I think about 20 minutes later, every kid in the park was tring to pointer grind everthing in a run too. Sorry Russ about the song I know you wanted to use it for the next video, but it is so good I had to use it, I couldnt wait another 2 years.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top 3's with Mr. Ryan Ricci

Top 3 with Ryan Ricci

1 Washington DC
2 Miami- I know it is cliché
3 Denver-I hate the Broncos

Golf Courses
2 Innesbrook
3 Pine Lakes

Skate Videos
1 Mouse
2 Destination Failure
3 Life in the Fast Lane

1 Mike Carrol
2 Brandon Biebel
3 96 Tom Penny
4 Tom Boyle – Shout out to my man Shark

Skate Spots
1 The Wall/Dirt McGirt/Sharkeys/Old YMCA
3 Marble Everything at Memorial Center Jax

Condom Brands
1 None- interrogate first(remember if she doesn't care now, she probably never
2 Cut the tops off feels like a turtle neck, plus STDs are cooler than
condoms(then people know your getting some)
3 Ultra, Ultra thin- any brand

Places to bang
1 Elevators- you get to the finish line fast
2 Pool/hot tub keeps you clean, leaves a floater
3 Anywhere I can I will try

Hottest Woman
1 Jessica Beil new GQ check it
2 Adriana Lima- I miss you girl
3 Kate Beckinsale- hottest mom alive

Non Skate Sponsors
1 Mom- I know its cool
2 Tecate- 10 dollar 12 packs of good beer = me happy
3 Nike-once again

Athletes of all time
1 Bo Jackson-not even debatable
2 Ozzie Smith-backflips, yea backflips
3 Deion/Barry Sanders- you've seen em

Sports Teams of all time
1 Raiders-I love AL DAVIS
2 Cardinals- World Series Champs
3 Raiders

Monday, June 25, 2007


Got the master of the backside tail grinder's top three back. Look for it to be on the actual site one day this week. Look for a day at willoby with Mitch to be up tommarow or the next day. This is gonna be a busy week for me, finals, NYC, some other random ish, who knows, I'm just going to live day to day. How is it that skating for less than 2 hours and I feel like I have been skating for a whole day and look like I just got out of the shower? Florida sucks. Static 3 site should be up by Wednesday keep checking, to see it launch. Is this gonna be the final nail in the casket of the static video series? Josh always puts out good videos, minus the song selections. Until next time...

camera phones adventures

I guess Im going to put this one out there for people to laugh at. This is why the closet is now a more daily thing. For me and my random shit that I do and photos and what not. Something like 8 jello shots in, I walked into the bathroom to get a few of them out and though " this will make for quality material on the closet. " I guess it is true when John says all I think about is skateboarding all the time, and I guess the closet is related to skateboarding. Drunken random nights in Jensen, the reason that I don't want to get stuck here like everyone else.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I've been watching you, watch me all night..

With the power of the internet, yes anything today is possible. Tim Kulas showed me Google Analytics, its a free thing from google. Basically you drop a line of script numbers and letters into the script of your page and it tracks where people are from viewing your page, how long they stay on and how they got there, kinda creepy, but pretty interesting. The little circles on the map represent population viewing the site in that particular area. I think it works for myspace too, so if you think you have someone stalking you, I'd suggest this. Besides that I protested go skateboarding day yesterday and didn't go skateboarding. I think all this is doing is bring skateboarding into more mainstream, like it already isn't but, we don't need Joe Reporter for news 12 talking about skating.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Myspace Victim

Ryan O'Connor, Switch Flipper

If Myspace had a cheerleading or skate team O'Con would be the first to try out. He is addict to myspace like Theny is addicted to Burger King, McDonalds and Miller Light. Anyways this one fell victim to myspace. It was gonna run in Focus until he posted it on his space'. Space has been a killer of some great skate photographs, but if you ended up wanting to show it off before the magazine hits the printers, its gonna send the photo straight to already been myspaced pile.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Adventures

A trip to golf world with Mitch, Katie and John. Shoot Magav was at his game check it.

Click here to watch 'Shooter-Magav'

Maybe theny you can show him a thing or two.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Daily Grind

Here's a photo I shot today. I was messing around with my new Sunpak 555's and Quantum Batteries. Heres the first one I set up. This is just a test shot so i knew what to put my back flash at. I think the better view of this photo and properly exposed photo will be running in the mag.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

Ahh! My name is Weezy F Baby! Oww!
I usually don't do this, ha! Ok, I'm lyin'
Cuz these diamonds of mine, just sparkle like wine
I'm easy to find, In the darker night time
I get so much attention from ya' eyes, like signs
I'm, kushed out my mind, Patron shots with lime
My necklace is a crime
And that bitch fine, what that girl name
I call my jeweller over tell her; "Make that girl a chain!"
I take that girl to Spain, she can't pronounce a thang'
And she got her girlfriend on the side like fame
The fetish is Louiane, I'm bombin' like Hussein
But I'm that fire, now I swallow my Butane
Residin' on a plane, the sky is my domain
I'm in and out the country, passports, and sweat-shorts
And tanktops, and sweet thoughts, from sun shades, and private airports
And of course... (Watchu got boy), I got...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Closet for the Week of June 11th

Two years of arguing, traveling and skateboarding came to an end on one Thursday night at The Ashley with the premiere of our 5th video “Six Piece”. This being a quite anticipated video up until Thursday night, many people from all over showed up from all over the state. The crowd loud and anxious the video started off with Jack Runnells having first part. I think the crowd was quite stunned by this, seeing’s the last 3 have been started off with Brandon. In the end I believe the people were hyped when it was all done. Tim Kulas told me “it was by far the best damn shop video I’ve ever seen”. So if you haven’t see it get yourself a copy. When you pick up a copy of Six Piece you will find that our 4th video “Take Five” will be included. Brandon finished up the video with last part, or at least that’s what you thought the credits roll and the screen goes black. If you haven’t seen it yet I won’t ruin it for you but what comes next is pretty good.

I have to say my favorite part just for overall flow and just getting you in the mood to skate would have to be Steve’s part. Skating to Rappin’4 tay’s “Playas Club” made this part one no one will forget. Mitch’s part too is a part that took skateboarding to new levels, with his switch stance skateboarding as natural as his normal stance Mitch came thru with a damn fine part. Who in the hell switch frontsides wheelchair ramps? John’s part definitely too was a part that I think deserves a lot of respect, although he didn’t have last part in this one, the tricks are by far of the quality of a last part in any video. One thing about John’s parts is he always has tricks around town on things that most people don’t even look at for skating which I think always add’s to his parts. I cannot say for sure, but I think the next video for sure will have a kickflip over a certain gap off MLK Blvd in east Stuart.

On the home front news, Mitch is temporarily residing in St. Augustine with his girlfriend. Teak is California dreaming for a few more weeks, I’m stuck here in Brolando, and John is trying to make it to SF for a few weeks. Double disc dvd’s are ready for sale at the shop, Take Five / Six Piece combo stop by and pick it up. I’m sick of seeing myself on the top 3 so I am taking over that column and will be doing it from here on out, so expect to see some new top 3’s in the near future from, Brad, Ryan Ricci, the guys down at Gum Sole and I think a Clint top 3 would be pretty good too. So keep and eye out for those to be coming soon. How about them Spurs? Forrest Kirby is pretty hyped im sure. Unfortunately for now that is all, check back by the end of the week for a new top 3…
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