Friday, April 25, 2008

Long over due

This is beyond way over due. For those of you who just come lurk my blog, you need to check out my homie Joe Locke's Blog/Online zine. If you dont know him you should meet him. He tends to get a smile or laugh out of me with every issue and blog he makes. Joe grew up in Palatka, Florida, which if you thought, Stuart, Jensen, your town or wherever sucks, believe me this place is in the middle of nowhere. Joe always tends to have a story about how him and his friends would do something, and in the end it would make you laugh. Joe, is a man of his word, I won this name this beer contest, which orginally i thought was a joke, on his page, and the dude straight up sent me a check.

New issue of Focus should be in shops by a week today at the latest. The cover is none other than Ryan O'Connor. Also in this issue is a inteview with Joe Perrin, about his upcoming video "Last Of the Mohicans" that I did. Good stuff to check out. I'll be putting up the mp3 of the interview in a future post, because it is nothing short of legendary. Newport, 80's Joe, Josh Dowd and Joe all in a room at once pretty intoxicated made for a entertaining interview.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Newest addition to the fam.

Thanks to none other than Justin and Mazur for hooking this one up for me. Its a little upgrade for the D1 that I have been rocking for two or so years now. 9 frames per second, 12.6 mega pixel. This camera is the skate industry standard, amongst the Nikon brand. Very grateful for this, keep a look out in upcoming issues for some sequences.

Did a bit of driving over the weekend and came up upon this spot, it is actually less than 25 minutes from my house, in a area I never bothered to explore, cause I took it for grant it that there was nothing there. O'Con could do nothing but bitch about it, although myself personally found the spot to be quite good. Not really a good edge to grind, although tail skids and lipslides would work wonderfully here. Also found another good bank spot that is about as long as two football fields long. Waist high banks, with a nice medium transition to them. Not quite steep banks steep, but not quite do whatever trick you can think of on them. I'll get a photo of them later.

Overall the week was pure success. Managed to pull off a 90 percent on a test that I thought I would be lucky to get a 50, second highest grade in the class, making mom proud. New camera, new spots, good week.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Richie Townsend

What do you get when you mix Richie Jackson and Tosh Townsend

Monday, April 07, 2008


Congrats to the homie from Miami, Joel Meinholz, who is now Pro for Rasta Libre. Hopefully we can see Newport get bumped up to Pro Status with them too soon, glad to see them both getting hooked up again though. For those who do read this you probably all know that Alex Olson and Mr. Anthony Pappalardo no longer ride for Lakai. Word has it Alex Olson will be rocking the swoosh soon. I'd be real hyped to see Pops get hooked up with Nike too, the dude definitly deserves to have a 4 number check a month from a company. More updates to come in the next few days.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

O.G. Theny Footage

The world of Youtube is intense. Somehow I found footage of Theny from back in the day.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Phone calls

The last past week has been busy making phone calls selling Rise and Shine off to shops. Its pretty interesting who I talk to. I Just got off the phone with the man behind the FTC videos, Ando. Word is that a new FTC flick should be out with in a year. Word has it parts from Lavar and Marcus McBride, and PJ Ladd to just name a few.
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