Thursday, May 29, 2008

high like paper planes

Enjoy until i can further update later this week.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goin down to Buckhead

John knows how to get whimsical.

Updates to come later. In the mean time enjoy this...

Ryan O'Connors part from Hey, Buddy! from Ryan O'Connor on Vimeo.

Friday, May 23, 2008


So some how the trip that wasn't supposta happen is now. No HEY BUDDY, video premiere for me, but I suggest that anyone in the Orlando and surrounding areas, to go check it out, Andrew Nedimyer is a cool kid, skates well, and will for sure have a good video. Go check it out if you can. Word has it that there is a surpise part from a recent Static III skater.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Piece of Heaven on 707.

Shot this quite a while ago, as an intro shot to John's interview in a upcoming Focus, but decided I didn't like how it turned out in the end.

John Clayton. 360 Flip. 2008.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bluntted on the nose

Photo of the day comes from Mr. John Clayton. Not all the flashes fired on this one, and it just doesn't look right, so we'll blog it up.

John Clayton. Back Noseblunt.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Broken Boards

Seems as if breaking boards on tricks seems to happen all the time anymore. Better luck next time.

Paul Torrento. Nosegrind.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Generator, Lights, Rent-A-Cops

The spot, some old abandon car dealership in the middle of nowhere Kississmmee
Found the Halloween costume in the whip. The rent a cop who kicked us out was a complete idiot, so we wasted as much time doing nothing just to make the dude mad. Slick Residence
Keep them kicks fresh all round.
Look for a Mitch Teed Cribs coming soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

frivolous purchase #998 for the month

probably didn't need them, just kinda of wanted them to upgrade from the old ones.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


mad love from the fort pierce homies.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Some Random Photos.


Mitch is back on the block.
Orlando Free Parks.

Static 3.5 shit. Ten minutes later some kid tried demanteling it and dropped it on his foot and broke all his toes.
Redheads and BBQs. Covers and Bitches according to him.The hot new myspace profile pic.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Philly Cheese Football

Welcome back to Orlando buddy.

As promised here is the Jacksonville recap. Before I even start, might I suggest anyone who dont have a little point and shoot digital camera yet, to get one. Best $180 bucks Ive ever spent and its funny that of all people, myself, now just finally invested in one..

I had to seize the moment.

Look firmilar?

The whole weekend can be summed up by saying that it fell nothing short of epic. Skating in the 90+ degree weather Friday afternoon is always fun. We started off by meeting up with Fred Tan and Robert Lopez Mont at Covert skateshop right outside downtown Orlando. From there we head out to a church in Orlando with a pretty gnarly rail at it. Robert gets busy, but we got the boot from good old jonny law before this one could be made offical.


So after skating there we ventured off into the outskirts of Orlando and skated a few other spots. John and Robert both got busy on something that would put el toro to shame, no lie. John managed to film a few lines at a few random places and we called it a night on skating.

Somewhere in Orlando.

After going back to the house taking showers John and I deciede to go out for the night to your typical college town bar. We had time to waste, Mitch was in class till 1am. So time goes by and we end up meeting up with Mitch, and then Fred and Sam met up with us at Mitch's house. From there we headed back to my house around 4:30 am. John left a philly cheese steak he had ate for dinner in my car so we deciede to play football in front of my house with it. Finally we went inside and Danielle opted out on not coming out with John and I so, I decieded to get her up.

Even when a little intoxicated I know a photo opertunity when I see one.

Somehow I managed to get her up and convince her to drive to Jacksonville. We wasted a good 40 minutes out front of my house.


Not too sure why I am posting this photo I look very broverwelming, but oh well, I know everyone will get some good laughs out of it.


"Wow the sun is coming up. We gotta pickup some beers" Fred Tan insists. So we stop off at a gas station, Fred says, "look its a relative on this, take a photo".


Back on the road, Yinglings and all.


In My Neighborhood 2 is all I was worried about and how I was going to make something happen out of this weekend. Ten minutes after picking up beer, John and Fred were more worried about relieving themselves.


About 8 am or so, still going. Sam looks a little beat up on this one.


So Danielle was over driving. I was fine to drive so we switched it up for the remander of the drive.

Somewhere in Florida.

So we finally got to Jacksonville, and I get us a room at the Crown Plaza, thanks to Dodge, he got us the hook up price.

I get into the room and take a shower, and come out to this.


Should have known better. Three skateboarders that in my mind are worthless at this point. So I head down to check out what was going down at the contest. Dodge was calling it all day on the mic, hyping up In My Hood II all day.

Seen many friends from Josh Stewart, to random Jupiter kids.

illprint. is what it should be called.

So finally day turns into night and I managed to get John out to skate. Fred and Sam were still trying to recover. At this point I had been up for over 36 hours and still had it in me to get out and slavage what was left of the trip. Unforinately I dont have photos that I can post of what went down that night, I have to save them for John's interview, which hopefully will be in the next issue.

Although I can show you these.

I found this spot about two years ago when traveling out to Palatka, FL to visit an ex girlfriends grandparents with her, so I had to come back and skate it.

According to Teak, In My Hood II should be called Static 3.5, I guess you can call this a static 3.5 spot.

Everyone who was at the contest went to the contest after party, at some place called the Pearl, well John and I didnt go, and come to find out thru a girl I know that lives in Jacksonville, its a gay bar.

This was the site when I woke up in the morning.


O'Con ended up in Jacksonville, along with Dan Weathly, and Bert Wooten, so they stayed in the room.

I fell asleep pretty early on in the night, John, Fred and Sam, ended up with Pat Steiner and friends. According to John, Pat and this kid Jack, from Orlando, trashed Pat's room, everything from flipping over the beds, to dumping out a large flower pot in their room and spreading out the dirt all over the room. Joey Berzinski made an appearence in the room at some point and egging on Jack and Pat to throw their tv off their 7th story balcony. Luckly before that happend the guy from the room next to them came over and yelled at them to stop. Hope Ricky didn't put the room on his credit card.

So Sunday we skated a few spots and left around 3pm. Here is what it looked like on the ride home.


Check back for some updates throught the week. The new digital point and shoot will be put to good use.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

4 Day East Coast Tours

Ok so lack of time, and a lot of other things have been holding up this post. It tends to seem that now at the end of every month I get four consecutive days off in a row from school, this has been giving me time to do some trips that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Last week consisted of Orlando, Palm Bay, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, West Palm and Miami. All which were very productive. I somehow managed to get Brandon away from his wife for a day and we filmed a bit of stuff. Then the next few days she had to accompany him for some unknown reason. Never have I heard the word "babe" so much in 3 days. Anyways here are some photos from my travelings.

Mix Master Mitch moved to Orlando and is now enrolled at the phat beats club, also know as Full Sail Recording Arts School. Good to see him doing something.

He's enjoying the advatages of living in a college town and being underage.

Not too sure how long this one will last, there has to be some type of copywrite laws that will put this place out of business shortly.

Cuban Hood, Orlando

You know you are in some type of hood when you can come up on this.

Chicken strips, biscuit,and mash potatoes with spicey gravy is the jam.

Here is some throw away footage from the weekend. Good to see Mr. Dodge up in the mix. He is definitly one of my favorite people to skate with.

Sorry the image size is screwd up. HD Footage and youtube dont mix well. Look for some Jacksonville coverage on Monday. Until then....
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