Monday, October 25, 2010

rad + awesome

Check the photo out. Bobby Puleo takes shits that are way cooler than Leo ever will be and was grinding up a handrail long before Leo ever even thought about it.

So anyways I stole the photo from chrome ball, but look at what kind of board Bobby is riding. How awesome would it have been if he had rode for Girl. Bobby is rad, Girl is awesome, what do you get when you add rad+awesome? Rawesome and that is what this photo is.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well it was probably a solid 8 years ago that I met Sam Bianchini, who is one of the best homies around. Right around that time I met his good friend Clint Chambers. When me and the rest of the homies from Stuart met these guys,we referred to them as the Chobie kids. Here is Clint years later ripping. Him and I went out skating the other night and shot this in Ft. Pierce.

Proper Ollie over a gap and high bar, with some short run up.
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